Once upon a time, I was living in London, had a fun job in the city, loads of wonderful friends and a hectic and crazy lifestyle. One day, I decided to drop all that and come to HEC in Montreal (Canada) to spend a year to study a MBA. What happened next? Read on....

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Case studies

The Times 100 UK: Marketing Theory, Business case studies: Wow! I found this FREE educational resource for students, teachers and lecturers of business studies. 'The Times 100 brings business studies theory to life with case studies on real companies, written by leading business studies textbook authors and linked to all exam specifications. "

It's excellent and there's a lot of cases regarding major companies illustrating interesting marketing and business concept. You also get to see the analysis of the case and all that without having to register nor pay. It's extremelly useful for MBA's student!!!


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