Once upon a time, I was living in London, had a fun job in the city, loads of wonderful friends and a hectic and crazy lifestyle. One day, I decided to drop all that and come to HEC in Montreal (Canada) to spend a year to study a MBA. What happened next? Read on....

Friday, December 12, 2003

MBA Christmas party

We had our MBA Christmas party last night. It was setup as a Wine and Cheese slightly formal party where the teachers, academics and partners were invited too. I haven't see many teachers nor partners. Only the friendly ones were there. Quite frankly, i didn't feel like talking to teachers during the party anyway. I'm quite fed up with them and the workload they give us.
Wine and cheese parties seem to be very popular in Quebec. The wine is cheap and the cheese too but still since cheese is so expensive here in Canada and that you could compare that to caviar for us Europeans, people jump on the cheese plates as soon as they arrived and if you're not doing so too then you won't eat, let alone taste much of the cheese.
It's fun though and the cheap wine make you become drunk very quickly so everything becomes perfect, even the cheese!;-)
Our chinese delegation presided by Nicole teached us so more Mandarin. Well some rude words and expressions this time, much easier and exciting to remember than the usual vocabulary. It was so funny to try these words on random chinese students to check if our pronounciation was correct. In the beginning, they didn't actually realise that we're speaking chinese but once they did, they freaked out so I guess the pronounciation was accurate.;-)


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