Once upon a time, I was living in London, had a fun job in the city, loads of wonderful friends and a hectic and crazy lifestyle. One day, I decided to drop all that and come to HEC in Montreal (Canada) to spend a year to study a MBA. What happened next? Read on....

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Thinking of work again

It is now time to look for a job and beside browsing the job websites, I'm also trying to make my outermost beautiful resume to seduce the employers, companies and jobs of my dream. I love Montreal and my lazy student life but I can't wait to start working again and go back to Europe and to the Corporate superficial and useless life making money and trying to find ways to spend it.


Blogger Dave Hunter said...

I know what you mean about work. I was wondering if I could get your advice--I'm thinking about doing on online MBA from somewhere like here: Online MBA

Would you recommend an online MBA? I'm hesitant because of the lack of social scene, but it would mean I could work at the same time...

25 November 2005 at 19:16


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