Once upon a time, I was living in London, had a fun job in the city, loads of wonderful friends and a hectic and crazy lifestyle. One day, I decided to drop all that and come to HEC in Montreal (Canada) to spend a year to study a MBA. What happened next? Read on....

Friday, May 07, 2004

Gay Marketing

'Decades after reaching critical mass, a breakthrough July 1991 article in the conservative Wall Street Journal called the lesbian and gay community "a dream market.":Commercial Closet
Various studies have estimated that between 4% and 10% of populations are homosexual, meaning between 12 million and 28 million in the United States alone. The incidence of gay women may be slightly lower than gay men, but lesbians are estimated at over 6 million in the U.S.
The gay market is sometimes referred to as DINKs -- double income, no kids -- who have the freedom to travel more often and higher "disposable incomes" to buy luxury items.'


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