Once upon a time, I was living in London, had a fun job in the city, loads of wonderful friends and a hectic and crazy lifestyle. One day, I decided to drop all that and come to HEC in Montreal (Canada) to spend a year to study a MBA. What happened next? Read on....

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Hell Period

Period 5 finished 'officially' this weekend and this week is period 6 kicking off. Well, period 5 is not completely finished as we've been some individual assignments and take home's exam which deadline expires this week. I've finished 2 on Monday before starting my 9 hours day of classes for which I had also to prepare readings and case but for which obviously I didn't prepare as most of my felllow mates. What do these teachers expect us to do? Study for exams, finish the huge unfinishable assignments, hands in the take home exams and ALSO prepare the about 100 pages readings per day??? When are we meant to sleep really?
I'm afraid my Maslow's needs pyramids is not scoring very high these days. I barely have time to feed myself. Monday, class from 11.45 to 21.30 with only 15 mins break in between classes which are unexistant as teacher overlap and never finish their class on time so I end up bringing my food in class and having a full meal in the face of the teacher. Some might think I'm rude but I'm hungry and MBA or not, I'll feed myself. Luckilly, Monday is an exception and I 'only' have 3 or 6 hours a day of classes the rest of the week. Yeah! That's looks like hollidays to me!:-)


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